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My journey began shortly after finishing a tour with the U.S. Peace Corps in Honduras, Central America. I birthed my daughter in my in-law's home. It was the most amazing experience and it fueled my passion to become a midwife. I returned to my home city of Detroit, Michigan to fulfill the calling of home birth midwifery. I became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) after graduating Birthwise Midwifery School (located in Bridgton, Maine) in 2015.   I am a licensed midwife (LM) both here and in Wisconsin.

Over the past 23 years, I have assisted over 300 babies into this world doing birth work, including the births my grandchildren.  I welcome first-time birthers, VBAC's, breech and twin pregnancies*. I have caught babies here at home, in the state of Wisconsin and in Honduras, Central America.  I co-founded the Mosaic Midwifery Collective in the Detroit area and work closely with the other founders, Cynthia Jackson CPM and Jahmanna Selassie. Prior to  devoting my full time to the education and practice of midwifery, I worked as a licensed paramedic in the emergency department at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital and formally with the Detroit Fire Department, EMS Division; totaling to 18 years of paramedic experience.

I believe in the wisdom and wonderment of the human body and I am empowered by women’s strength.  I believe babies too, are resilient and intuitive beings.  I believe in the art of midwifery which has been in existence for centuries caring for women during their childbearing years.  I also believe in the awesomeness of science and its appropriate use when necessary.  I believe when it comes to caring for women and mothers there is a wide scope of normal.  I believe in exercising the patience to allow becoming a mother to unfold. I believe in providing individualized care for cultivating strong, healthy relationships and healthy pregnancies.  I embrace the importance of having excellent hands-on skills, critical thinking and theoretical knowledge but also the virtues of patience and discernment.  I believe the combinations of science, good nutrition, alternative healthcare modalities, exercise and a willingness to grow and learn, provide a strong foundation for the wonderful beginnings of your baby’s life and yours as a mother.   

I have worked collaboratively with many local midwives including - Linda Honey DEM, Eileen Denomme CPM, Nicole White CPM, Kate Mazzara CPM, Anna Fernandez CPM, Jaime Edisaith CPM, Amanda Howell CPM, Tasha Scott CNM,  Stacia Proefrock CPM and Heather  Lamanski CPM.

- Heather Robinson CPM


* careful assessment and informed choice is made by all parties before breech and twin pregnancies are taken on

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